VersiTone™ Acoustimax™ (Alto)

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Product Overview

Now in Amber!
The highly acclaimed, original Acoustimax design is hand finished in a warmer sounding, amber colored, proprietary, high end material chosen for its resonant qualities, safety and durability. This base resin has never been used in the industry other than in the original Acoustimax, due to the cost, which is considerably higher than that of the finest German ebonite. For us, it is all about the sound as we endeavor to combine Teds’ original designs and unmatched level of execution with the finest technologies of today.

Superior Performance and Intonation
The secret to the VersiTone Acoustimax’s superior response, tone and intonation is a result of Ted’s unique approach to the medium chamber alto design. This design’s unique combination of material with a clear-core conical chamber results in a mouthpiece with extraordinary projection, power and warmth and a noticeable improvement in the upper register of the alto. Our customers agree that the Acoustimax is the easiest alto mouthpiece to play in tune they have ever played.

Design Innovation
The term ‘Clear-Core’ refers to the way the VT Acoustimax transitions from the chamber to the bore. Rather than the ‘squeeze’ throat found in many medium chamber mouthpieces, the Clear-Core transitions through a series of gently swept curves, carefully shaped to maximize the acoustical performance of the mouthpiece. The Conical Sidewall design preserves the acoustical integrity of the conical shape of the air column of a saxophone. The end result for the player can be heard in the mouthpiece’s performance and the projection of sound.

Advanced Manufacturing and Hand-Finishing Craftsmanship - Made in USA
VersiTone Acoustimax mouthpieces are created for exceptional strength and consistency. Once the mouthpieces arrive at our Production Facility, every mouthpiece is brought to the workbench to have the facing curve skillfully applied to ensure each piece is up to standard. Inlaid acrylic ink and final inspection complete the process. All manufacturing and hand finishing are done exclusively in the USA. No mouthpiece leaves to a customer until it satisfies Ted himself!

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(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Love this mouthpiece!

    Posted by Steve Savage on Feb 11th 2021

    I've been a working piano player for 10+ years, but I got back into saxophone during the pandemic after a 20 year hiatus. I'm putting in 2-5 hours of practice and transcribing per day, and I was originally working with a Van Doren v16. I tried a variety of mouthpieces as potential upgrades, but found that this Veristone Acousimax was everything I was looking for in a mouthpiece as an upgrade from the v16. It plays great up and down the horn... dialed in with the intonation... and a more focused shape in the mid/upper register while still maintaining the warmth and body that I like to hear in the low register. It makes my long practice routines very enjoyable, and therefore I'll be practicing more! If I lost or broke it, I'd prob just have to buy a new one, because I don't want to go back to my old mouthpiece!

  • 5
    Versitone Acoustimax Amber alto 6

    Posted by Bill Head on Feb 11th 2021

    I was looking for a fuller sound in the upper register and palm keys. I got that and more. The stuffiness in low B and middle D are gone. Intonation from top to bottom is improved. The palm keys are fuller. And altissimo is easier to hit. I like the new sound, thick, warm and textured. It is louder than my other mouthpieces, but easy to control. It's like playing a new horn. I am still experimenting with reeds. My 2.5 strength in different models all work well. I am really happy with the Acoustimax Amber.

  • 5
    Versitone acoustimax alto 7

    Posted by Miłosz on Oct 23rd 2020

    Very clean sound and easy altissimo. Gives a lot of possibilities to shape my sound, thanks !

  • 5
    Acoustimax alto Amber

    Posted by Teddy Yakush on Sep 11th 2020

    Very easy to play very in tune on several horns great sound!

  • 5
    Acoustimax Amber #8

    Posted by Vinnie Penella on Aug 21st 2020

    Great mouthpiece. Never played a piece that was so in tune and even up and down the horn. So easy to play and very reed friendly. I love this mouthpiece. Thanks Ted and crew.

  • 5
    Great Mouthpiece

    Posted by Gregory Alper on Mar 2nd 2020

    I bought this piece for one of my advanced students. It sounds great, plays super easy and looks so cool. He loves it. Thank you Ted.

  • 5
    . Versitone acoustimax alto 7

    Posted by Steve Foiada on May 8th 2019

    It is difficult to buy online without being able to play the mpc, but the video examples were very helpfull. I liked the sound of the mpc, so why not try it. IT IS GREAT. Plays evenly from high to low, you can play soft or loud, intonation is right on. I like the sound. The only problem is my wife and I both play sax, and a said “this is really nice, try it.” That’s the last I saw of it.