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The Ted Klum “New York Model Alto Mouthpieces”, made from the finest German ebonite (hard rubber) and hand finished, these mouthpieces are the newest addition to our line of alto pieces and are created from CAD design that was based on Ted’s personal vintage “Fat Boy” Meyer Bros. from the 1950’s.

Ted’s design is not simply a copy but another proprietary design that stands shoulder to shoulder to with the best vintage designs. Suffice it to say the first few prototypes have greatly exceeded our expectations and have been described as tonally rich, balanced and flexible with plenty of power and projection.

Now available — special order — a larger chamber New York model! We have a limited number of these possessing a wider and larger chamber with slightly more scooped side-walls. They have a deeper, fuller more Tenor-like tone while still retaining power and protection. Be sure to select “larger chamber” before adding to your cart!
**NOTE** The larger chamber model is only available in black.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Custom Size, Size 4 (0.070 +/- .0015), Size 5 (0.073 +/- .0015), Size 6 (0.077 +/- .0015), Size 7 (0.080 +/- .0015), Size 8 (0.083 +/- .0015)


Black, Red/Black Marbled, Green/Black Marbled, Blue/Black Marbled

Chamber Size

Normal, Large

Solid Silver Tone Ring

No, Yes

9 reviews for New York Model Alto Handcrafted HR


    Ted has struck the perfect balance between response and efficiency, balance of colour and flexibility. This is the new standard in modern alto mouthpieces and without doubt the best alto mouthpiece I’ve played, new or vintage.


    Best alto MPC (for me) I have used so far. Can actually hit some altissimo notes with this that were too difficult on Alto for me with other MPCs.

  3. Dan Gutwein

    The New London Gold tenor mouthpiece has been a major find for me… nothing comes close. So I decided to order Ted’s NY Model Alto piece. It just came and I must say that I’ve never been happier! UNBELIEVABLE!! I’ve been playing an early 1970s HR Meyer 7M that was customized for me by Frank Wells in ‘77 when I was on the road with Buddy Morrow. That mouthpiece set such a high standard for me that I have never been happier with anything else. . . Until today! My god, TED YOU ARE THE MAN!

  4. Brian R.

    This mouthpiece is a work of art. Unbelievable responsiveness, dynamics, depth of colour, and soul — this timeless piece has ended my mouthpiece search. Eloquent descriptors aside — this mouthpiece is just plain fun to play! It is inspiring to play a mouthpiece that is so easy to play and enables me to fully express myself. Congratulations Ted on such a magnificent feat!

  5. Art Bouton

    Finally, a great mouthpiece that shows tremendous attention to detail at a reasonable price!

  6. Dale

    Ted was very helpful in recommending a mouthpiece and tip opening that would work best for what I was wanting to accomplish. The order was fulfilled quickly, it has the rich sound that I was hoping for and is finished to perfection. I ordered a marbled blue ebonite with a silver ring and it’s an absolutely striking piece of craftsmanship.

  7. Daniel C.

    One of the top alto pieces I’ve *ever* tried, and I’ve tried many, including some stellar Meyer copies. (And the tone ring is worth it!).

  8. Jazzton Hulsebosch

    I had played the same Otto Link for 10 years and wanted to try this. Now I don’t think I’ll ever go back.
    It brought my Super 20 to life and really made the mark VI a complete instrument. It just fits with me. Thanks for the incredible mouthpiece!

  9. Neil Leonard

    I play the NY model #6, and just ordered a #7. In 2022, I moved from the Tonamax to the NY model. I am thrilled by how rich the NY mouthpiece sounds, and how fun it is to play. One more great experience with TK mouthpieces!

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