New London Model HR (Tenor)

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The New London Model HR is machined from the finest German ebonite rod and is the most powerful of our Tenor pieces. It features Ted's updated version of the classic British bullet chamber and "duck bill" beak design. The chamber is smaller than our Focustone and provides for ample brightness and power  without sounding harsh, while retaining a full, fat, warm bottom. It is capable of cutting through the loudest ensembles with minimum effort and it has been referred to as the “Ideal Rock and Roll Mouthpiece!”, although it can easily accommodate any style of music. 

This medium bullet chamber design was favored by Jazz greats such as Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins, Yusef Lateef, Buddy Tate and many others.  Available in sizes 7,7*,8 and 8* and custom sizes are also available upon request.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

8 reviews for New London Model HR (Tenor)

  1. Valentino Maltos

    This London Mouthpiece has exceeded my expectations! Its produces a rich full sound with just the right amount of bite. Plays with ease throughout the full range of the horn, while providing a very comfortable fit for my embouchure. I am beyond satisfied and will recommend Ted Klum’s Mouthpieces to my friends and students. – Valentino Z. Maltos 3x Grammy Award winning session saxophonist

  2. Mike Landoni

    Best piece I’ve played on. A huge step up from my STM. Response is greatly improved. Timbral possibilities seem endless. The regulars at my weekly gig approve! Thank you very much.

  3. Jimmy Calire

    Right out of the box this piece sounds great and is easy to play up and down the horn.. I played that night with a Big Band and got rave reviews all around. My girlfriend even took out her earplugs long enough to comment on the mellifluousness of my new improved tone.
    Kudos and keep up the great work!

  4. Alex Geddes

    The piece looks flawless and plays with little effort. ItÕs tonal spectrum is perfect for whatever gig I happen to play. It can be pushed for rock and pop or mellowed out for a jazz ballad. The altissimo is easy to produce and control. I havenÕt tried out that many reeds on it but it has been friendly to La Voz and DÕAddario jazz selects. The green/black marbled look is cool. Lastly I also appreciate the provided ligature and cap, as I donÕt realize it was a slimmer profile than other HR pieces. Thanks!

  5. George Davidson

    I had been wanting to try one of Ted’s London HR pieces, and took a flier on one of his nicely discounted “Ready-to-ship Specials.” Ê The London may be based on a vintage HR Berg, but it doesn’t play like any of the vintage Bergs I have tried.Ê I find it much more flexible.Ê Full, fat and not overly bright, you can push it or back off – results are clear and even and the response is very quick.Ê This is a powerful piece, but by no means is it “just for rock.”Ê I could take this on any gig – loud or quiet – and it would cover it.Ê Quite frankly, I was very surprised.Ê Highly recommended.Ê Have to say this is definitely my favorite one of Ted’s designs. Ê I bought two tip openings – likely will keep both.Ê Incidentally, the ligature provided with the London actually works really well.Ê Bergs are smaller in diameter than most HR tenor pieces, and TK did an excellent job of providing the buyer with a stock ligature for the London that works great.Ê Kudos. Ê

  6. Jeffrey Saunders

    I own the London hand made metal tenor, but the New London Model exceeded all my expectations. Both are great players, but this one just allows more flexibility without as much fatigue. More dynamic range and I feel I can use a multiple selection of reeds. I highly recommend this piece. It is aesthetically pleasing as well

  7. Jeff Saunders

    This is an absolutely beautiful mouthpiece both aesthetically and as a player. I an older handcrafted London metal, but this piece just has a bit more depth and flexibility without as much fatigue. Easy to play altissimo and have a consistent sound throughout the entire range of the horn. I am looking forward to playing many gigs on this in the near future.

  8. Mike Vest

    I received the Hard rubber London 7* last week and used it all weekend at all my shows. I’m a rock,funk and R&B player and this piece easily cut through the electric instruments. Very much in tune, altissamo pops easily and the bottom of the horn really sounded good. I sit in a big band with a full sax section also and it blends in just perfectly. I will be using this for quite awhile. Thanks

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