Mouthpiece Measuring Kit



Our mouthpiece facing curve and tip opening kit consists of 2 precision machined, stainless steel tip opening gauges in thousands of an inch, one for Alto, Soprano, the other for Tenor and Baritone. These provide for quick and easy, precise tip opening measurements for refacing or simply documenting vintage mouthpiece tip openings.  These 2 gauges are an improvement on the original JJ Babbit gauges (which are no longer available).

They also feature an increased size range from the very smallest .035” opening to the very large .135”.

Our measurement Glass is made from ultra clear K9 glass and is laser engraved on the bottom surface for more accurate readings.

Also included are the six standard size, color coded feeler gauges for ease of use with less fatigue. These sizes (plus one additional) are derived from the original Eric Brand refacing kit which became the industry standard for documenting mouthpiece facing curves. Includes color coded chart for recording curve numbers and tip openings, basic instructions and velvet pouch.


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