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Ready-To-Ship Specials

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Buy now for delivery before Christmas!

We have a number of items in-stock, finished, and ready to send out. We are offering exclusive non-published pricing for our email customers. 


There are very limited selections of each item available - so act quickly! Simply choose your item from the dropdown and proceed to checkout.


Here are more details about each item:


Precision Model Tenor Brass - sizes 7*, 8: $659 $499 (read more about this model

London Model Tenor HR Marbled - sizes 6*,7, 8$449 $399 (read more about this model 

Florida Model Tenor HR Red/Black Marbled - size 7*: $449 $399 (read more about this model)

Tonamax HR Tenor Black - size 8: $600 $449 (read more about this model

Tonamax HR Alto Black - size 8:  $549 $429 (read more about this model

Contemporary Alto 24k Gold-plated - sizes 6, 7: $399 $249 (read more about this model