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We have a number of items in-stock, finished, and ready to ship out. We are offering exclusive non-published pricing for our email customers! 

Please note: These special prices are for initial purchase only, not for exchange of previously-purchased mouthpieces. 

There are very limited selections of each item available – so act quickly! Simply choose your item from the dropdown and proceed to checkout.




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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
Product & Size

$515 – Focustone Tonamax Tenor HR Black size 8, $259 – Classic Soprano HR Black 5, $259 – Classic Soprano HR Black 6*, $259 – Classic Soprano HR Black 8, $359 – Ted Klum Model HR Baritone Black 7*, $379 – Florida Model HR Tenor Black 6*, $379 – New London Model HR Tenor Black size 7, $389 – Florida Model HR Tenor Black 8*, $389 – New London Model Tenor Brass, 24K Gold plated 7, $469 – Versitone TonaMax HR Alto Black 5, $479 – Yardbird Alto Brass, 24K Gold plated 9, $515 – FocusTone TonaMax HR Tenor Black 8*, $589 – Focustone Precision Tenor Brass, 24K Gold plated 7, $589 – Focustone Precision Tenor Brass, Rhodium plated 7, $589 – London Precision Tenor Brass, 24K Gold plated (Low Baffle) 7*, $589 – London Precision Tenor Brass, 24K Gold plated 7, $589 – London Precision Tenor Brass, Rhodium plated (Low Baffle) 7*

3 reviews for Ready-To-Ship Specials

  1. New York HR Alto

    Every new mouthpiece I get from Ted inevitably becomes my new favorite! Smooth, responsive, and full of soul – they are all gems.

  2. Pablo

    Ted, I want to thank Jai for the great customer service and you Ted for the amazing mouthpieces that you make.

    I purchase bouth of these and they sound and feel amazing, extremely well done, attention to detail and the sound, wow!!!

    Best regards,

  3. Jon Goforth

    I have Ted’s pieces dating back to the early 2000’s. He at the top of a very short list of best mouthpiece refacers and designers; I’ve never played a Klum piece that fell short of being an “end of the search” piece, a piece that-barring neuroses-a person could be happy with for the remained of their career. I currently have seven or eight of his pieces, either his original designs or ones he refaced.
    I’ve sold a lit of mouthpieces, but I’ve never sold one that Ted had anything to do with. They’re too good.
    Also, Ted can really play, so he knows what’s going to work-he doesn’t guess. Thank you, Ted!

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