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The London Precision Model combines the slimmer Precision model outer geometry with our New London interior classic British bullet chamber design. As opposed to the heavy New London which accommodates a hard rubber alto ligature, the London Precision Model accommodates a standard metal tenor ligature such as the Selmer 404, (we recommend the Marc Jean Model 893).   It is machined from Brass, meticulously hand finished and has a hard rubber bite plate. The obvious question of “how does the performance compare to the New London can best be summed up by the comments of a customer who insisted on trying both: “I cannot part with either the London Precision or the New London. They are the 2 best mouthpieces I’ve ever played. Although similar, they are also different from each other. The New London is less bright than the Precision, but still free blowing and sooooo easy to play. I can play most any style with it, but I feel it is best for jazz. The Precision is a bit brighter but has a certain “character” to its’ sound that is easy to hear but difficult to describe in words. Short story, I’m keeping both!”

This mouthpiece now includes a ligature as well.

The London Precision Model is finished in Rhodium plating or 24K Gold as an option. Available in sizes 7, 7* ,8 and 8* and custom sizes are also available upon request. As with all our pieces, they are extensively hand finished and some variation of “brightness” or “darkness” from profile adjustment can also be specified upon request.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Custom Size, Size 7 (0.100 +/- .002), Size 7* (0.105 +/- .002), Size 8 (0.110 +/- .002), Size 8* (0.115 +/- .002)



4 reviews for London Precision Model Tenor

  1. Adam Niewood

    Just want to say “thank you,” to Ted Klum for this gorgeous new mouthpiece. It arrived yesterday & I really haven’t been able to stop playing it! I’d been using his Tonamax .118″, model since 2013, played that with both Pat Martino and the NewLight project with Liebman/Perla/Nussbaum…
    and this new London Precision Model? I asked him to make me a .120″ (or a size 9 in Link terminology) Mind you, I’ve only had it for 24 hours ‘n change… but?!!!
    Ted has created something unique, here. It has the Bullet chamber / a gorgeous baffle, and this curved “duck bill” beak area for the teeth (very comfortable) all cool characteristics one would associate with a Berg Larsen. A different kind of shank than any other mouthpiece I’ve ever seen. It’s actually not really like any Berg Larsen I’ve ever played! This gorgeous piece of Brass still possesses all of the flexibility in tonal qualities I’ve loved about my Links… along with this direct focus and power.
    Gotta play one and feel what I’m talking about. But a .120″ tip piece with a fresh new out of the box #4 reed? And the horn vibrates like crazy in your hands – while the sound is not bright. It’s dark, and very present.
    I’m not really a video on social media guy, but will try to grab some footage of me using this new Mouthpiece with Gene Perla and Bill Goodwin, tomorrow night.

    And once again, Thank You, Ted Klum @ Ted Klum Mouthpieces, LLC

  2. Roger

    My mouthpiece search is finally over, the London precision tenor is everything you would want in a mouthpiece- Fat, easy on the altissimo, the bottom is big and fat, I just can`t describe how awesome this mouthpiece is, I`m one mouthpiece guy, the London precision just took my sound to another level, Thank you Ted!!!!

  3. Roger

    Hi Ted
    I received my new London precision mouthpiece on Friday and already took it to a gig the next day and allI can say is WOW!!! what a fat sounding piece, the altissimo was effortless and the high notes were fat also. I have been one mouthpiece guy for a long time but this one changed it for me, very happy customer here and thanks for the speedy delivery.

  4. Marc Vanden Eynden

    Absolutely the best tenor sax mouthpiece I have played in 20 years. It has it all for you to perfrm in all musical genres. A unique and priceless piece of craftmanship.

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