FocusTone Precision Model Tenor

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The FocusTone Precision Model is CNC machined in one piece from high quality extruded bar stock brass to the medium large chamber dimensions of our popular Handcrafted Model.

This mouthpiece now includes a ligature as well.

The Precision Model is the modern day evolution of the classic medium large chamber tenor saxophone design. Inspired by a generation of musicians whose sound could fill the room, it features a large, robust sound with plenty of presence.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Custom Size, Size 7 (0.100 +/- .002), Size 7* (0.105 +/- .002), Size 8 (0.110 +/- .002), Size 8* (0.115 +/- .002)


Brass (Rhodium-Plated), Brass (Gold-Plated)

7 reviews for FocusTone Precision Model Tenor

  1. Glen Ingram

    This is a great mouthpiece. My mouthpiece I’ve been playing for a couple of years is a silver Focustone. I bought this new one as a backup. It’s a great piece but I don’t think anything can ever beat the silver one. My 2 cents. Thanks

  2. MG, NYC

    I played your new mouthpiece (Focustone Precision 8) on Friday night’s gig. I can’t begin to express how awesome I think your mouthpiece is! Every aspect of this piece is spot on; core of tone, range, evenness of sound throughout the ranges. I’ve played on many mpc’s over my 40 years of playing, and this, by far, is the best! I wish I didn’t wait so long to purchase it. Thank you for constructing such a great mouthpiece!

  3. Larry Ballow

    I recently purchased the new focustone precision model and can only say the search is over. This mouthpiece reminds me of a great Otto Link with power and a beautiful core sound. The seal between the reed and bed are exceptional. Hats off to Ted for creating a masterpiece and to my friend and knowledgeable saxophone teacher and player Marty Giaimo who lives here in NYC, who recommended it. Over the past two years we have tried and experimented many various set ups with this one being the best!! In this time of uncertainty we all need to find a mouthpiece that provides a sound reminiscent of past player’s and moving forward giving each of us the confidence we work so hard to achieve. Larry Ballow

  4. Larry Ballow

    I recently purchased this mouthpiece as per recommendation by my friend Marty Giaimo! We have experimented with various mouthpieces over the past two years and finally landed on this one , which in my humble opinion is a step above either metal or hard rubber pieces. This one is very similar to a Florida link but has more punch and focused tone than any Otto Link I have tried. Often Otto Links have a great sound but do not always project especially when played a lot. With this mouthpiece I can lay back but still maintain the core sound and when necessary push harder without jeopardizing the sought after tone. If your looking for a Trane vibe, I highly recommend this piece. Thanks to Ted for creating a masterpiece!!

  5. John Sweenie

    I’ve spent the last 5 years playing this mouthpiece exclusively, at an 8* opening. Incredible response and even throughout all registers. I recently ordered a HR Florida as I feel like trying a switch to a smaller tip (and to a HR piece), but this is well worth the price if you want an excellent interpretation of a STM.

  6. Ekkehard Sassenhausen

    Its a Great moutpiece! I Played for over 30 year a Peter Ponzol Metal Tip opening 120, i think its one of his first handmade mouthpieces.. Now i was locking for a similar one but not so open and a brighter one. The precison is such a mouthpiece.. chamber, baffle are similiar, but sounds a little brighter.. it plays very well through all ranges and flagolets.. i have to check a Little because of the smaler tip opening reeds and ligature.. its a very good mouthpiece. Thank you so much!

  7. Alex Munte

    I got a Precision 9 and it’s an excellent mouthpiece in the STM vein! Extremely flexible – going in any direction depending on the air stream and choice of reeds. What I find stands out besides the evenness throughout the range is that even if it’s moderately bright it’s still very warm, which I’ve never experienced up until now. Also easiest subtone ever! Thank you Mr. Klum!

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