FocusTone™ Handcrafted Solid Silver (Tenor)

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The FocusTone Handcrafted line represents the culmination of 30 years of experience as a mouthpiece craftsman and is available in Sterling Silver. The current generation features a slightly larger chamber than the classic med-large chamber mouthpieces of the past but maintains a specific baffle length and profile in order retain the focus, and ‘grab’ that Ted Klum has come to be known for.

Every aspect of these lovingly created mouthpieces is done by hand from one piece Lost Wax castings from Ted’s own proprietary CAD design. Considerable time is spent making sure the fit and finish of each FocusTone is perfect and up to the playing standards of Ted himself: no small thing for those who are familiar with Ted’s reputation.

Sold without a ligature and cap.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Custom Size, Size 6* (0.095 +/- .002), Size 7 (0.100 +/- .002), Size 7* (0.105 +/- .002), Size 8 (0.110 +/- .002), Size 8* (0.115 +/- .002)

2 reviews for FocusTone™ Handcrafted Solid Silver (Tenor)

  1. Akira Makiyama

    I have been playing FREDDIE GREGORY’s for over 20 years. He made about 20 pieces but never had a chance to order solid silver piece before he passed away. I have been looking for someone who could make a good handmade piece. Searching a good professional craftsman wasn’t easy. Here I have Ted’s solid silver piece that shook me and end my search immediately. It is professionally hand crafted, beautiful, resonates, and powerful.
    My highest recommendation to those who are looking for a truly heart warming sound. Here is the one that will end the wondering journey.

  2. Karl Weiß

    The # 7 ** is my second mouthpiece
    from your company.
    My first is a Focustone solid silver # 8.
    It’s a little too open for me. The # 7 ** fits
    Exactly, it’s a little darker than mine
    old 8, but still a “super mouthpiece”!
    Many Thanks.

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