Florida Model Hard Rubber (Tenor)

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The New Ted Klum Florida Model Hard Rubber Tenor is based on the core geometry of several of his most favorite vintage, O.L., Tone Edge pieces.

Machined from the finest, German Ebonite and hand-finished in Little Falls NJ, this medium chamber design provides the tight, powerful, projection that so many greats have employed over the years. It is even throughout the registers and has a fine balance of brightness and warmth making it suitable for many types of playing.

This model has instantly become one of our top selling pieces and is available in the classic Black (most vibrant) as well as Black/Green or Black/Red marbled (slightly warmer) ebonite.

Each one is hand-finished and signed, sand blasted and polished on the outside and comes with a cap and ligature.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

12 reviews for Florida Model Hard Rubber (Tenor)

  1. Bill Forrest

    The Florida Hard Rubber Tenor is in my opinion just an outstanding mouthpiece.I like the cut down Beak and the response is just fantastic.
    A beautifully crafted mouthpiece with Ted’s trade mark tip rail workmanship.

  2. Brandt G Peterson

    I purchased this mouthpiece based on my positive experience with a TK FocusTone Precision tenor piece, which I bought used, and which put an end to more than a year of searching for the right modern metal Link-type piece. The Florida HR shares the characteristics that make the FocusTone such a keeper: it’s really even throughout all registers, is very responsive and easy to play, and it’s very reed-friendly. The table, tip, and rails all look perfect, and it plays as though that’s the case, too. TheFlorida produces what I think of as a really nice classic tenor sound. It’s got a nice balance of warmth with a little brightness that, to me, makes for a core sound I think of as “sweet.” It is flexible, offering plenty of color without stepping on the sound of the horn/player combo (again, classic tenor piece). It’s not tons different than the FocusTone, still focused but maybe a bit more spread and, to my ears, a little richer and sweeter at the core. I’m very happy with it, and for me it is a good value at this price.

  3. Joe

    The Florida HR tenor mouthpiece is a really great all-around mouthpiece. The tone is beautiful and can be made brighter or darker with different reed choices.. I found it to be reed friendly and was able to play very soft reeds and very hard reeds on it. It’s super comfortable to play and the sound remains consistent from the low end of the horn into the altissimo. Great work, Ted!

  4. Ray Javier

    After what seemed like an endless search I am now excited to pick up the tenor sax and now let the other horns get some rest. This mouthpiece did not let me down as many others have. It easy to blow, provides a warm robust sound, and is not afraid to scream when the time is right

  5. Arthur Camacho

    Hello, I am extremely happy with this mouthpiece. It is easy blowing for a rich sound. So far it is the best mouthpiece I have come across. Usually I have found mouthpieces great on certain occasions but this one is for all occasions. I started out on clarinet and studied with Manuel Valero from the BSO. He had a unbelievable sound which I strived for. I got close but the “popping ” sound was difficult to achieve on the tenor. This mouthpiece is making that goal reachable. Highly recommend this mouthpiece. I’ve spent much more money on others that don’t come close to the Florida model. Artie camacho

  6. Chris Costigan

    The best link IÕve ever played. Thanks! Looking forward to getting a tonamax. Klum pieces really are the best. Excellent efficiency with just the right resistance to shape the tone. Very fun to play!

  7. John Zangrando

    I have been playing professionally for many decades this mouthpiece is just a ton of fun to play. Brighter reeds like a LaVoz med hard. Let me play pop or r&b or straight ahead. Put on a Boston sax shop 3 and play post bop and standards. Reed flexible. Fat sounding palm keys, effortless non tubby bottom, Just a great tenor mouthpiece.

  8. Justin Glenn

    I have four different models of tenor pieces from you that all play wonderful. This Florida model is so on point That I am truly without words. The best I can put it is that I can’t put the mouthpiece down, it plays that well. Thank you for perfecting your craft, it has truly brought joy to my life.

  9. Gary Robertz

    I received my Florida tenor hard rubber mouthpiece about a week ago, and it has been exactly what I was hoping for and more. I’m not a big-shot musician with a famous reputation, but I’ve played sax for 50+ years, and this mouthpiece is outstanding. I was immediately impressed with the consistency of response across all registers. The tone is just what I want to sound like, and I find that I can change the sound by varying the reed or adjusting my embouchure and voicing. Right now I’m working on developing my altissimo range (geezers can learn new tricks too), and I’m making a lot of progress with this mouthpiece. I’m having so much fun playing it – it’s hard to put down. Thanks for the great product!

  10. Dewey Brinkley

    There’s something about playing a mouthpiece that when you look at it and play it, you know the geometry is absolutely perfect. My bottom end sounds great and the palms sound as full as I’ve ever heard them. Thank you Ted! This amateur player salutes you for your commitment to your craft.

  11. Michael Blake

    I got this mouthpiece knowing TK was a master mouthpiece guy. I wanted to recapture the vibe I once had on a HR link. This piece is as close to it that I can recall. I think he nailed it. It has the classic vintage hard rubber sound but I can do my thing on it and it responds!

  12. Matt

    I got the Tenor Florida HR model blue marbled. Best mouthpiece I’ve ever played. Great craftsmanship. I will order some more in the future!

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