Classic Hard Rubber Soprano

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The “Classic” HR Soprano pieces are hand finished and signed by TK and feature a traditional, round, “soloist” type chamber that produces a tight, powerful warm sound.

They are made from the finest German Ebonite Rubber and possess the detail and playability that Ted Klum Mouthpieces are known for. Available in sizes 5 – 8.

Remember, fulfillment time for any of our mouthpieces is up to 4 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Custom Size, Size 5 (.052 +/- 0.001), Size 5* (.054 +/- 0.001), Size 6 (.056 +/- 0.001), Size 6* (.058 +/- 0.001), Size 7 (.060 +/- 0.001), Size 7* (.062 +/- 0.001), Size 8 (.065 +/- 0.001)

2 reviews for Classic Hard Rubber Soprano

  1. Scot Scheer (Rhode Island)

    Started by ordering a 7* soprano. Spoke to Ted and thay have a tricky not return policy but Ted assured me he wanted everyone happy. Mouthpiece received and felt like i was blowing up a balloon (bad for me) it was so closed. Spoke to Ted again and told him I had a 7* Drake that blew so open that when i went to upper register I was biting so hard I thought I would bleed. Ted said send me both pieces and let me take a look. It wasn’t 1-2 days after he received them that I got a notification they were coming back to me, no comment shipping back. Got the Klum 7* mouthpiece back and wow!!! I had tried everything 7’s 8’s 9’s 10’s Metal, Rubber and nothing worked. Jodi’s, Link”s, Drakes, nothing was even close. Ted modified it, tested it , made a 2nd one and this one is hands down the best of any of them by far and a keeper, custom tweeked for what I would need. This man was receptive, listened to me and was willing to go the x-tra mile to give me what I needed. I was with “Emilio” (Boston) who told me how nice a guy Ted was and he was right. Nice to have a craftsman to work with.
    39 years ago i drove to Chicago with a friend and saw Frank Wells who had made mouthpieces for Coltrane and us too by hand. This reminded me of that service experience. Please never change your dedication and all of you have total confidence you will end up with what you need, the journey is well worth it! Thanks Ted

  2. C Termini

    Love the feel and the projection on the 8 facing, really liking it and having fun.

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