FocusTone Tonamax HR Tenor

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$600.00 - $630.00

Product Overview

After years of success of the Acoustimer lines, Ted Klum created the Tonamax HR. These pieces use the original FocusTone Acoustimer geometry as a launching point, but are machined from solid bar stock of the finest quality German hard rubber.

The goal of the Tonamax line is to appeal to the customer who wants something even more custom. Every Tonamax is completely handfinished from the exterior, chamber throat, baffle shape and profile, curve, table and of course the signature thin tip rail that TK is known for around the world. 

The response on the Tonamax models is very quick, possessing a THICK SOUND with great core presence in the sound with loads of warmth. Customers looking for more focus and projection will prefer the Tonamax line.

Fulfillment of this model is usually 2 to 4 weeks.

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(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Tonamax HR

    Posted by Marc Apfelstadt on Apr 4th 2020

    I waited a while to share this because I really wanted to get a real feel for the mouthpiece.

    What I really like is that it feels very familiar (like an old friend), with characteristics of several of my favorite old mouthpieces - but better. Compared to my prior pieces, the tone is considerably warmer and more even through the whole range. Altissimo is easier to nail. If I want to, this mouthpiece can play classical... but it's just as well suited for the jazz work I enjoy.

    My tendency is to play a more closed mouthpiece than most people. Ted nailed the specified tip opening and it's very free blowing.

    It's the same across multiple reed brands (cane and artificial)., with different ligatures, on a number of different horns, both vintage and modern.

    I admit to being a mouthpiece collector and have a bunch of pieces that I use for various settings.

    This piece is right up at the top.

    Thanks, Ted !!

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    Tonamax 8*

    Posted by Paul Mcintyre on May 15th 2019

    Excellent breadth of tone and wide scope for harmonic colouration! Intonation is excellent!

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    Tonamax HR 8 Tenor

    Posted by David Colven on Mar 19th 2019

    Rich sound with a nice sparkle, fat down the bottom and sings up top. Beautifully responsive, notes just pop out over the full range, it's got magic powers here, it'll make you go wow.

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    Tonamax 8

    Posted by Børge-Are S. Halvorsen on Feb 15th 2019

    The Tonamax 8 in black hard rubber arrived the other day and became an instant hit in the shed. Brought it to work the same night, and confirmed its qualities, including a warm, «wet» and full core, lots of projection, medium resistance, strong intonation and great stability. It competes with a few other nice pieces in my collection, including an early 70’s Otto Link Tone Edge .085" and a Wood Stone Traditional Jazz 7M .081" (another excellent, lower resistance take on the modernized Meyer Bros sound and feel). I also have a Brilhart Ebolin Great Neck .082" which is downright wonderful for me, so I’ll definitely be spending some extra time figuring out the use for all of these... It’s safe to say they’re all in the same ballpark - I know what I like by now! I have no problem saying the Tonamax is an excellent lead alto piece, great for horn section and for blending in general. Rich in overtones, and by all means fat. It also packs that extra punch for soaring over a loud band, which is part of why I got it in the first place. Not one to resort to high baffle mouthpieces for extra projection or power, I enjoy the result I get with this! Oh, and the subtones are really saturated and nice. All in all, a real player. I use Roberto’s 4S reeds on it, and an EchoBrass Brilhart 3-band reproduction ligature. My horn is a new Rampone & Cazzani R1 Jazz. Thanks again for another stellar product!