D’Addario Reserve Mouthpiece Patches (Free Shipping)

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Product Overview

Specially designed to protect your mouthpiece, the Reserve mouthpiece patches (or “cushions”) are ideal for clarinetists and saxophonists of all ages and abilities. Our unique material adheres securely to the mouthpiece, yet enables easy removal or transferal when needed; it will not leave residue. Ideal for educational purposes, the Reserve mouthpiece patch prevents the teeth from sliding on the mouthpiece. It can be a useful tool in promoting the correct development of various aspects of embouchure and tone production, especially how much mouthpiece to take and the prevention of biting.

  • Protects mouthpiece and prevents teeth from sliding
  • Suitable for use on clarinet or saxophone mouthpieces
  • Each package contains one sheet of 5 mouthpiece patches
  • Available in both black (0.80mm thick) and clear (0.35mm thick) options


(No reviews yet) Write a Review